One day world cup 2023 schedule time table, result and point table

The 13th edition of the One day world cup 2023 is being held from October 5 to November 19. According to One day world cup 2023 schedule time table, match result and point table, this year’s World Cup Cricket 2023 is starting with the England New Zealand match on October 5.

Dear cricket loving readers, welcome to Dainikkantha’s today’s post “cricket world cup 2023 schedule & all details”.

In today’s post we will see the One day world cup 2023 schedule. I will see the result and point table update after the match. Besides, I will know many things related to the cricket world cup.

One day World Cup Cricket 2023

10 teams will participate in the 13th edition of this year’s One day World Cup. All matches of One day world cup 2023 will be held in several stadiums in India.

According to the rules of this year’s One day, each team will play a total of 45 matches. From there, the 4 teams leading in points and run rate will play 2 matches of the semi-finals.

From there, the winner of the two semi-final matches will play the final. And the final match will be held on November 19 at Ahmedabad Cricket Stadium, India.

This year’s participating 10 teams are:

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • England
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Netherlands

In the first 45 matches each team will play one match against each other. Dear readers, let us see the World Cup Cricket 2023 schedule now.

It is good to mention here that we will mention the schedule of 10 matches in each chart. At the same time, the results will be updated on the same chart at the end of each match.

One day World Cup Cricket Schedule 2023

The schedule of all matches from October 5 to October 13 is mentioned below:

England VS New zealand5 October2:30 pmNew zealand
Netherlands VS Pakistan6 October2:30 pmPakistan
Bangladesh VS Afghanistan7 October11:00 amBangladesh
South Africa VS Sri Lanka 7 October2:30 pmSouth Africa
India VS Australia8 October2:30 pmIndia
New zealand VS Netherland9 October2:30 pmNew zealand
England VS Bangladesh10 October11:00 amEngland
Pakistan VS Sri Lanka10 October2:30 pmPakistan
India VS Afghanistan11 October2:30 pmIndia
Australia VS South Africa12 October2:30 pmSouth Africa
New zealand VS Bangladesh13 October2:30 pmNew zealand
India VS Pakistan14 October2:30 pmIndia
England VS Afghanistan15 October2:30 pmAfghanistan
Australia VS Sri Lanka16 October2:30 pmAustralia
South Africa VS Netherland17 October2:30 pmNetherland
New zealand VS Afghanistan18 October2:30 pmNew zealand
Bangladesh VS India19 October2:30 pm
Australia VS Pakistan20 October2:30 pm
Netherland VS Sri Lanka21 October11:00 am
England VS South Africa21 October2:30 pm
India VS New zealand22 October2:30 pm
Pakistan VS Afghanistan23 October2:30 pm
South Africa VS Bangladesh24 October2:30 pm
Australia VS Netherland25 October2:30 pm
England VS Sri Lanka26 October2:30 pm
Pakistan VS South Africa27 October2:30 pm
Australia VS New zealand28 October11:00 am
Bangladesh VS Netherland28 October2:30 pm
India VS England29 October2:30 pm
Afghanistan VS Sri Lanka30 October2:30 pm
Bangladesh VS Pakistan31 October2:30 pm
New zealand VS South Africa1 November2:30 pm
India VS Sri Lanka2 November2:30 pm
Netherland VS Afghanistan3 November2:30 pm
New zealand VS Pakistan4 November11:00 am
England VS Australia 4 November2:30 pm
India VS South Africa5 November2:30 pm
Bangladesh VS Sri Lanka6 November2:30 pm
Australia VS Afghanistan7 November2:30 pm
England VS Netherland8 November2:30 pm
New zealand VS Sri Lanka9 November2:30 pm
South Africa VS Afghanistan10 November2:30 pm
Bangladesh VS Australia 11 November11:00 am
England VS Pakistan11 November2:30 pm
India VS Netherland12 November2:30 pm
Semi final 1st match15 November2:30 pm
Semi final 2nd match16 November2:30 pm
Final19 November2:30 pm
One day world cup 2023 schedule time table

ODI World Cup 2023 stadiums

All matches of the 2023 ODI World Cup will be held in one of the top 10 cricket stadiums in India.

  • Narendra Modi Stadium – Ahmedabad
  • Chinnaswamy Stadium – Bangalore
  • M.A. Chidambaram Stadium – Chenna
  • Arun Jaitley Stadium – Delhi
  • Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium
  • Eden Gardens – Kolkata
  • Ekana Cricket Stadium – Lucknow
  • Wankhede Stadium – Mumbai
  • MCA International Stadium – Pune
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium – Hyderabad

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Total of 48 One day matches of this year. And One day world Cup including the final will be held in these 10 cricket stadiums.

And what time the match will start is mentioned in the chart above. But keep in mind, this time may vary quite a bit depending on your country.

ODI World Cup Points Table 2023

Dear readers, by now we know the complete match schedule and start time of ODI World Cup 2023. And I have arranged to know the result after the match.

Now we will see the point table of ODI World Cup 2023. Table points will be updated after every match.

TeamTotal matchWinLossPointRun rate
New Zealand4408+1.923
South Africa3214+1.385
Sri Lanka3030-1.532
Netherlands3122– 0.993
ODI World Cup Points Table 2023

Latest on World Cup 2023

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