Sehri iftar time 2024 Saudi Arabia Jeddah ramadan time table 2024

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Many Muslims live in Jeddah. And so it is important to know their sehri iftar time 2024 saudi arabia jeddah in Ramadan.

Dear Readers, Welcome Dainik Kantha today’s post “sehri iftar time 2024 Saudi Arabia Jeddah । Jeddah ramadan time table 2024”.

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In today’s post, we will see the Sehri and Iftar schedule of Ramadan 2024 according to the local time of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ie jeddah ramadan time table 2024.

Jeddah Sehri Iftar  time table 2024

Below is the published Sehri Iftar schedule of Ramadan 2024 according to Jeddah local time.

If you are in or near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, you can have Sehri Iftar of Ramadan 2024 according to this schedule.

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last time
15:18 am6:32 pm11 marchMon
25:17 am6:33 pm12 marchTue
35:16 am6:33 pm13 marchWed
45:15 am6:33 pm14 marchThu
55:15 am6:34 pm15 marchFri
65:14 am6:34 pm16 marchSa
75:13 am6:34 pm17 marchSun
85:12 am6:35 pm18 marchMon
95:11 am6:35 pm19 marchTue
105:10 am6:35 pm20 marchWed
115:9 am6:36 pm21 marchThu
125:8 am6:36 pm22 marchFri
135:7 am6:36 pm23 marchSa
145:6 am6:37 pm24 marchSun
155:5 am6:37 pm25 marchMon
165:4 am6:37 pm26 marchTue
175:3 am6:38 pm27 marchWed
185:2 am6:38 pm28 marchThu
195:1 am6:38 pm29 marchFri
205:00 am6:39 pm30 marchSa
214:59 am6:39 pm31 marchSun
224:58 am6:39 pm1 aprilMon
234:57 am6:39 pm2 aprilTue
244:56 am6:40 pm3 aprilWed
254:55 am6:40 pm4 aprilThu
264:54 am6:40 pm5 aprilFri
274:53 am6:41 pm6 aprilSa
284:52 am6:41 pm7 aprilSun
294:51 am6:14 pm8 aprilMon
304:50 am6:42 pm9 aprilSun
Sehri iftar time 2024 Saudi Arabia Jeddah ramadan time table 2024

Saudi Arabia ramadan releted FAQS

When is the first ramadan of Saudi Arabia in 2024?

First ramadan in 2024 in Pakistan is on 11 March 2024.

When is Saudi Arabia Eid in 2024?

10 th April 2024 is Eid-ul-Fitr in Saudi Arabia.

Latest on Saudi Ramadan time table

Dear readers, in today’s post we have learned the details about Sehri iftar time 2024 Saudi Arabia Jeddah. details about Jeddah Ramadan time table 2024.

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