Italy Ramadan Time Table 2024 as Rome local time

Like other countries in the world, all Muslims in Italy fast during the long month of Ramadan. And so 2024 Ramadan Time Table Italy is required.

Dear readers, Welcome to Dainik Kantha‘s today’s post “Italy Ramadan Time Table 2024. Italy Ramadan Time Table 2024”.

With expats in mind, in today’s post we will detail the fasting schedule (Rahmat, Maghferat, Najat) in Italy in 2024.

Details about Ramadan Time Table 2024 Italy

Fasting in Italy this year will start on March 11, 2024. And will end on April 9, 2024. That is, the month of Ramadan of 2024 will end with Eid-ul-Azha on April 10.

Mahe Ramadan Greetings Status । Mahe Ramadan messages

Dear reader, this post divides the 30 fasts into 3 categories: Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation.

Below are the 10 roza and 30 roza Italy 20234 Ramadan sehri and iftar schedule from three charts.

Sehri Iftar time table 1st ten days of Ramadan 2024

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last time
111 march4:546:13monday
414 march4:496:17Thursday
515 march4:476:18Friday
616 march4:466:19saturday
717 march4:446:20sunday
818 march4:426:21monday
919 march4:406:23tuesday
1020 march4:386:24wednesday
Sehri Iftar time table 2024 to Rome local time

Sehri Iftar time table Ramadan 2024 in italy

last time
1121 march4:366:25Thursday
1222 march4:356:26Friday
1323 march4:336:27saturday
1424 march4:316:28sunday
1525 march4:296:29monday
1626 march4:276:30tuesday
1727 march4:256:31wednesday
1828 march4:236:33Thursday
1929 march4:216:34Friday
2030 march4:196:35saturday
Sehri Iftar time table 2024 to Rome local time

Sehri Iftar time table 2024 Ramadan in italy

last time
2131 march5:177:36sunday
221 april5:157:37monday
232 april5:137:38tuesday
243 april5:117:39wednesday
254 april5:097:40Thursday
265 april5:087:41Friday
276 april5:067:42saturday
287 april5:047:44sunday
298 april5:027:45monday
309 april5:007:46tuesday
Sehri Iftar time table 2024 to Rome local time

Ramadan releted FAQS

When will the ramadan of 2024 start in Italy?

The moon is expected to be seen in the sky on the evening of March 10. And then the fast will start from the 11th.

However, there may be exceptions to this. Updates will be reported here.

What is the last time for Sehri today in Italy?

Here are 30 fasting and sehri and iftar timings. View by today’s date.

When is Eid-ul-fitr 2024 in Italy?

Eid al-Fitr 2024 will be held on April 10 in Italy.

Italy’s sehri iftar up to date with 2024

Dear readers, in today’s post we have learned about the fasting schedule 2024 in Italy. Hopefully from this post we have seen Italy sehri iftar time table 2024 in bangla.

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