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Welcome to a new blog post about the best tourist places in Bangladesh. There are several tourist places in Bangladesh where more or less tourists from different countries of the world come to visit the places most of the year. So today we will know about one of the many tourist places in the world located in Bangladesh.

If you come to Bangladesh from any other country for sightseeing or for any reason, then definitely do not forget to visit these places. Because these places are known as one of the tourist places not only in Bangladesh but also in the world.

Today we will know about the best tourist places in Bangladesh, every tourist spot is world class. There are also many other world-class tourist spots in Bangladesh. However, more visitors come to these tourist spots from different countries of the world. So let’s know about all the tourist places in Bangladesh.

Mangrove forest in Bangladesh

Sundarban is one of the largest forests in the world. Two-thirds of the forest is located in Bagerhat, Khulna and Satkhira districts of southern Bangladesh. And the third part lies in the twenty-four parganas of West Bengal, India.

Mangrove forest Bangladesh

There are currently 7 tourist centres in the Sundarban Bangladesh region for people from different parts of the country and abroad. Each of its tourist centres are highly popular as the best tourist spots in Bangladesh.

The 7 tourist centers of Sundarban Bangladesh region are – Karamjal, Herbaria, Katka, Kachikhali, Dublar Char, Neel Kamal (Hiran Point) and Kalagachia. These include medium-sized restrooms at Cuttack and Kalagachiya.

More than 2 lakh foreign tourists visit Sundarban every year.

Sundarbans has:

  • Royal Bengal Tiger,
  • deer,
  • 289 species of terrestrial animals.
  • 42 species of mammals,
  • 35 species of reptiles,
  • 88 species of amphibians,
  • 219 species of aquatic animals are seen

Every tourist spot view of Sundarbans can be found on YouTube or Google. Each of which is known as the best tourist spot in Bangladesh.

shat gombuj mosque best tourist place in Bangladesh

Sixty dome mosque is one of the top 5 tourist spots in Bangladesh. Sixty domes are also located in Bagerhat district of Khulna division of Bangladesh. It is believed that Khan Jahan Ali built this mosque in the 15th century. Adjacent to the mosque is Khan Jahan Ali Dighi.

The sixty-domed mosque is about 160 feet long from north to south. and about 143 feet long on the inside. This ancient mosque is about 104 feet wide from east to west and about 88 feet wide from inside.

The walls of the sixty-domed mosque are 8·5 feet thick. The number of domes in the sixty-domed mosque is 81 in total. There are 77 domes with 11 in seven lines and 4 in four corners for a total of 81 domes. With the evolution of time, people say 60 domes and it became known as sixty domes, since then this ancient mosque is known as sixty domes in the world.

Foreign tourists account for the largest proportion of all visitors to the Sixty-Domed Mosque each year. You can search YouTube or Google to see views of Sixty Domes and Khan Jahan Ali Dighi.

sajek valley is best tourist places in bangladesh

Sajek Valley is a tourist center in Uttar Sajek Union of Rangamati District, Bangladesh. The Sajek Union is recognized as the largest union in Bangladesh.

This Sajek Valley at an altitude of 1800 feet above the plain is known as the paradise of nature all over the world. The process here changes color in a moment. All over the Sajek Valley are rows of mountains like waves of the sea, while clouds like cotton float on the other side. In the midst of this, Sajek Valley is one of the best tourist spots in Bangladesh.

Sajek valley Bangladesh has sajek valley resort for overnight stay. Here you can have all the facilities at your own pace. It may be one of the best places in the world for a change of air.

To the north of the Sajek Valley is Tripura in India, to the south is Longadu in Rangamati district. Sajek Valley has Dighinala Upazila of Mizoram, India to the east, Khagrachari to the west.

You can search Sajek Valley location and detailed view by typing sajek valley bangladesh on Google or YouTube.

Jaflong is the best tourist place in Bangladesh

Sylhet district of Bangladesh is known as the second London. Jaflong in Sylhet district is recognized as one of the tourist destinations in the world. Jaflong is located at a distance of only 62 km from Sylhet city. Jaflong’s crystal clear water flow of Piane river, hanging bridge, white clouds play on high mountains make Jaflong unique.

Jaflong tourist place located in Goainghat police station of Sylhet. Jaflong is a tourist spot located on the border of Meghalaya state on the India-Bangladesh border. Jaflonah tourist spot is surrounded by subtropical mountains and rainforest.

Here at hotels in jaflong you will get everything you need including accommodation and food for money. Staying there, you will get a chance to visit day after day.

Recognized as one of the best tourist destinations in Bangladesh, Jaflong, whether for peace of mind, a change of scenery or a family trip, Jaflong.

To know more about Jaflong and to see the beautiful environment here, you can search Jaflong Bangladesh on Google or YouTube.

Patenga Beach most famus tourist spots in Bangladesh

The Patenga beach is one of the tourist centers in Chittagong district of Bangladesh. Patenga Beach is one of the world’s best tourist destinations located on the banks of the Karnaphuli river in the port city of Karnaphuli.

The location of this tourist center is just 14 km south of Chittagong Zero Point. You can hear the sound of water when you stand at this spot. The view of the water waves falling in front of you will completely mesmerize you.

Patenga Beach is one of the tourist centers of the port city, which is full of local and foreign tourists all year round, especially during winter or spring.

Patenga Beach, Chittagong is one of the top 10 tourist places in Bangladesh. If you want to see the amazing view of Patenga beach, this picture will help you. You can also search by typing patenga sea beach or patenga chittagong from Google or YouTube.

Sreemangal is one of the best tourist places

Dear reader, I may not be able to convey to you how enchanting the beauty of Srimangal Upazila of Bangladesh is. If I could, I would force tourists from all over the world to visit Sreemangal Upazila of Moulvibazar District of Sylhet Division, the tea city of Bangladesh, even for once.

The Srimangal area of Sylhet is one of the top 1 or 2 charming places in the country. The view here will make you forget about all other places in the world. There are tea plantations all over the high and low Akabaka area.

Tourists travel here from different parts of the world at different times of the year. However, I cannot explain to you the joy, the feeling of visiting this area in winter and spring.

With enough time in hand, one can visit Srimangal Tea Garden, one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh. To see the wonderful view of Srimangal, you can go to Google or YouTube and search by typing Srimangal Bangladesh.

St. Martin is the most attractive tourist center

St. Martin’s Day is located just 9 km south of Teknaf police station in Cox’s Bazar district of South East region of Bangladesh. To the east of Saint Martin Island lies the border with Myanmar.

It can be one of the best tourist destinations for all sea lovers in the world. The coconut groves, sunrise and sunset here are the most attractive to tourists.

A tourist who has visited here once will want to visit again and again. The environment here is so charming that many foreign tourists continue to come here even during the peak season. To know more about St. Martin or to see the view, go to YouTube or Google and search St. Martin Bangladesh tourist place.

Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata Beach is a tourist spot in Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali District of Barisal Division which is recognized as a World Pan Tourist Spot. The beauty here will drive you crazy.

Kuakata Beach Resort can be a tourist spot unlike any other tourist spot for you.

You can learn and read about Kuakata Seabees on Google or YouTube.

You can visit Kuakata Beach alone or with friends or family. There are hotels near kuakata sea beach. You can come here to the kuakata sea beach hotel.

You can also book online in advance through various companies as per your needs.

Other Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Apart from the above mentioned 8 tourist places there are many more beautiful and extraordinary tourist places. Some of the other best tourist places in Bangladesh are:

  • Sompur Mahavihara
  • Lalbagh Fort
  • Ahsan Manzil Museum
  • Bisnakandi
  • Mahasthan average
  • Chimbuk Hill
  • Chittagong Hill Tracts
  • Cox’s Bazar
  • Paharpur
  • Shahjalal Dargah
  • red
  • Malinchera Tea Garden
  • Sitakunda
  • Kanjiu Temple
  • Chittagong Hill Tracts: Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari

We will know about all the tourist places of Bangladesh one by one in the next blog post. For updates about all the tourist spots in Bangladesh, visit the Tourist Spots Bangladesh category of our website.

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