Realme Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2023

Realme mobile brand has been at the peak of popularity in the mobile market of Bangladesh for several days. One of the reasons for this is that Realme mobiles are more feature-rich than other mobile brands and are available at relatively low prices. Again, its durability is many years. So today we will know about realme mobile price 2023 in Bangladesh.

Ever since Realme came into the mobile market of Bangladesh, Realme Mobile has been ruling the mobile market single-handedly. One of the reasons for this is the attractive features of the mobiles and the price is very low according to the features.

So far, if you ask a mobile buyer, he is undoubtedly interested in buying a Realme mobile. This is because according to the features of the mobile, the price of Realme mobile is very low.

realme mobile price in bangladesh 10000 to 15000

Realme c30 mobile is one of the most popular mobile phones of the Realme brand. This mobile has more than what you need in a low budget mobile.

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The current market price of Realme C30 mobile is Tk 9990. That is, within 10 thousand taka, you will get a very good mobile phone if you buy Realme C30 mobile.

Realme c11

Realme C11 is one of the realme mobiles. Realme C11 mobile is full of interesting features. A single charge will last for days very normally. Also the RAM ROM is so high that there is no way not to be surprised by the budget of this mobile.

You can get Realme C11 mobile anywhere in the country between 10500 to 11000 rupees.

Realme mobile price in Bangladesh are very low. Among them, the two models mentioned above have amazing features, but the price of these two mobiles is the lowest. So if you need to buy your mobile without delay and if your budget is 10000 to 15000 taka then you can definitely buy any of these phones.

Visit your nearest mobile store to buy any model of Realme brand phone. Or visit Realme Bangladesh website or buy from any reputed online market. thank you

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