ICC men’s t20 world cup 2024 schedule, Teams, Groups, Results

The ninth edition of the T20 World Cup which will start from 2nd June 2024. So the ICC men’s t20 world cup 2024 schedule needs to be known in detail.

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In today’s post, we will know the details about the 2024 World Twenty20 World Cup including Team Number, Venue, Schedule, Group Stage Rules.

T20 World Cup 2024

A total of 55 matches will be held in this year’s T20 World Cup. The 2024 T20 World Cup will begin with the United States vs Canada match on June 2.

West Indies and the United States of America are the host countries for the 2024 T Twenty World Cup.

All matches will be played in 3 city stadiums in the USA and 3 cities in the West Indies. The first match of this year’s T20 will be at Grand Prairie Stadium, United State Stadium.

This is the first time 20 teams will participate in the T20 World Cup where there are 4 groups. There are 5 teams in each group.

A total of 8 teams will play in the Super 8 based on the most points between the teams. In the third phase of the World Cup, the best 4 teams of the Super 8 will play the semi-finals. And the two winning teams in the semi-finals will play the final.

Groups and Teams

20 teams will participate in the T20 World Cup where there are a total 4 groups with 5 teams each.

A Group:

  • India,
  • Pakistan,
  • ireland,
  • Canada
  • United States.

B Group:

  • England,
  • Australia,
  • namibia,
  • Scotland,
  • oman.

C Group:

  • New Zealand,
  • West Indies,
  • afghanistan,
  • Uganda
  • Papua New Guinea.

D Group:

  • south africa,
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh,
  • netherlands,
  • Nepal.

T20 World Cup Schedule 2024

2 JuneUSA vs Canada6:30 am
2 JuneWest Indies vs Papua Guinea8:30 p.m
3 JuneNamibia vs Oman6:30 am
3 JuneSri Lanka vs South Africa8:30 p.m
4 JuneAfghanistan vs Uganda6:30 am
4 JuneEngland vs Scotland8:30 p.m
4 JuneNetherlands vs Nepal9:30 p.m
5 JuneIndia vs Ireland9:30 p.m
6 JunePapua Newguinea vs Uganda5:30 am
6 JuneAustralia vs Oman6:30 am
6 JuneUSA vs Pakistan9:30 p.m
7 JuneNamibia vs Scotland1:00 p.m
7 JuneCanada vs Ireland8:30 p.m
8 JuneNew Zealand vs Afghanistan5:30 am
8 JuneSri Lanka vs Bangladesh6:30 am
8 JuneNetherlands vs South Africa8:30 p.m
8 JuneAustralia vs England11:00 p.m
9 JuneWest Indies vs Uganda6:30 am
9 JuneIndia vs Pakistan8:30 p.m
9 JuneOman vs Scotland11:00 p.m
10 JuneSouth Africa vs Bangladesh8:30 p.m
11 JunePakistan vs Canada8:30 p.m
12 JuneSri Lanka vs Nepal5:30 am
12 JuneAustralia vs Namibia6:30 am
12 JuneUSA vs India8:30 p.m
13 JuneWest Indies vs New Zealand6:30 am
13 JuneBangladesh vs Netherlands8:30 p.m
14 JuneEngland vs Oman1:00 p.m
14 JunePapua Newguinea vs Afghanistan6:30 am
14 JuneUSA vs Ireland8:30 p.m
15 JuneSouth Africa vs Nepal5:30 am
15 JuneNew Zealand vs Uganda6:30 am
15 JuneIndia vs Canada8:30 p.m
15 JuneNamibia vs England11:00 p.m
16 JuneAustralia vs Scotland6:30 am
16 JunePakistan vs Ireland8:30 p.m
17 JuneBangladesh vs Nepal5:30 am
17 JuneSri Lanka vs Netherlands6:30 am
17 JuneNew Zealand vs Papua Newguinea8:30 p.m
18 JuneWest Indies vs Afghanistan6:30 am
19 JuneTBD vs TBD8:30 p.m
20 JuneTBD vs TBD6:30 am
20 JuneTBD vs TBD8:30 p.m
21 JuneTBD vs TBD6:30 am
21 JuneTBD vs TBD8:30 p.m
22 JuneTBD vs TBD6:30 am
22 JuneTBD vs TBD8:30 p.m
23 JuneTBD vs TBD6:30 am
23 JuneTBD vs TBD8:30 p.m
24 JuneTBD vs TBD6:30 am
24 JuneTBD vs TBD8:30 p.m
25 JuneTBD vs TBD6:30 am
27 JuneTBD vs TBD6:30 am
27 JuneTBD vs TBD8:30 p.m
29 June8:30 p.m
ICC men’s t20 world cup 2024 schedule, Teams, Groups, Results

2024 T20 World Cup Semi Final Procedure

In this year’s T20 World Cup group stage, 8 teams will play in Super 8 based on points from 20 teams. Super 8 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 4 teams.

The 4 winning teams from those two groups will play the semi-finals. And the winners of the 2 semi-final matches will play the final T20 World Cup 2024.

ICC t-20 world cup releted FAQ

When will t20 world cup 2024 start?

The 9th edition of the World Cup will start on 2nd June 2024.
This year, the West Indies and USA are the host countries for the 2024 T20 World Cup.

How many teams will participate in the World Cup 2024?

This year, the 20th team will play the T20 World Cup for the first time.

Where 4 groups will be formed with 5 teams each.

Where and when will the final of T20 World Cup 2024 be held?

The final match of the 2024 T20 World Cup will be held in the Eastern Caribbean island of Barbados on June 29.

Latest on t twenty World Cup Schedule

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